Operations Management: Global and Southern African Perspectives (3rd ed.)


Slack, N; Brandon-Jones, A; Johnston, R; Singh, H; Phihlela, K

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Based on the established textbook by Slack, Chambers and Johnston (7th edition), the third revised edition of Operations Management: Global and Southern African Perspectives has been adapted for the unique Southern African context while keeping the global context in mind.

This edition has retained the accessibility and carefully developed pedagogical approach of the UK edition with a focus on theory and practical application. The textbook is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as managers in practice.


  • New case studies and real-life scenarios promote the understanding of concepts.
  • New and updated content including “Critical commentaries” show a diversity of viewpoints when it comes to operations management and encourage class discussion.
  • Each chapter starts with key questions and concludes with summary answers to these questions.
  • “Operations in practice” bring to life the operational issues faced by real businesses.
  • Worked examples show how qualitative and quantitative techniques can be used in operations management.
  • “Problems and applications” bring the real-world applications home by allowing students to practise their analysis of operations and develop their problem-solving skills.
  • QR codes with links to websites provide additional interesting content.
  • Prescribing lecturers can access support material


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