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On Hangover Humour

Admit it. We’ve all suffered them: the pounding headache combined with a flip flopping stomach topped by a speech-impaired cotton mouth and finished by extreme sound and light sensitivity. Add up the symptoms and you’ve got a rip roaring hangover. Whether it’s a one time rite of passage, (you teetotaler, you) or a recurring Saturday night special, hangovers unite us in misery.

As laughter is indeed the best medicine, this book assembles an entertaining selection of popular writers’ examination of the “condition.” What I loved most about this little book was that it featured a wide swath of authors – P.G. Wodehouse, Dorothy Parker, Lawrence Durrell, Art Buchwald, Spike Milligan, to list a few. I found I could “take a small swig” from the collection, and get introduced to writers I had only heard about, but never actually read.

Language lovers on both sides of the pond will delight in the entries. Think of this as the perfect little gift for anyone on their way to a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, or for those who enjoy great writing that is shaken, not stirred. Cin Cin!

Elaine Charles

Elaine Charles

The Book Report

Digital Business is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge on one of the most important topics of our time. A must-have read for the modern businesswoman!
Sayora Khakimova

A wealth of wisdom, a well of knowledge.

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Designing Organisations for People-led Sustainable Competitiveness is a smart, modern take on how to sculpt and optimise businesses. The culture and employee engagement material, alone, is priceless.
Julian Ebrahim
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