Finding a Godly Marriage Partner (ebooks)


Gregory John Lee

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Every day in our world, millions of men and women seek their God-given mate. You might be one of them. Finding someone compatible to spend our lives with surely must be one of the hardest things we can do! There are hundreds of lonely people all around us, but so often the choices seem difficult.

You may even be in a relationship but be still wondering: “Is this ‘it’? Is this person the ultimate choice of life partner for me?

At the same time, are you hoping that someone out there is looking for you? If we’re waiting for someone, or even currently in a relationship, there are serious questions we should be asking ourselves. “Am I a great life partner? Have I built up the type of character that will attract, keep and honor my partner? Do I know how to act towards people, to be continually attractive and authentic, so that I will be truly loveable and loving?”

This book seeks to paint a picture of a great life partner and therefore a wonderful future marriage, from the perspective of a Christian life based on faith in Christ. It does so by using the immortal story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah in the biblical book of Genesis. The story of these three intertwined characters acts here as a metaphor for modern relationships – perhaps your own.

You probably know the basics of this love story very well. Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, sabotages his family relationships. As a result, he flees his home. On the way to refuge with his uncle, he comes face to face with God and begins a personal relationship with Him. Reaching his uncle, he falls in love with his beautiful cousin Rachel. However, in seeking to marry Rachel, he is also forced by cultural norms to marry her older sister Leah, in whom he is not interested. Jacob goes through many hard years, has many children – mostly through Leah – and enjoys increasing blessings from God. Eventually, Jacob returns to his family and his land. Rachel has caused him constant trouble and has been largely dismissed by God. Leah has showed great faithfulness and love to both God and Jacob, and she is blessed throughout in many ways. At the end of this book, you’ll come to appreciate the often-ignored Leah as a heroine of the Bible and someone on whom to base great relational character.

In this ancient and powerful romance we see both stark examples of both great and poor character in romantic relationships. We can model ourselves on many of the good aspects we see in this tale. Hopefully, with God’s help, we can learn to scrub out of ourselves those things that will poison our relationships. In turn, we can throw away random fate and bad reasons for choosing partners. Hopefully, we can learn what to look for, what makes for a truly Godly partner, while avoiding those relationships that, despite initial excitement, would ultimately end in tears.

This book is ultimately talking about the great journey of marriage. Marriage is God’s path to romance and partnership between people, the great earthly picture of His endless love and commitment to us. I do realize that a shorter or longer period of dating or the like may be something you have to do on the route to marriage, and this book will also help you greatly in that process. Certainly, I dated a reasonable amount before finding my desire. Ultimately, whether you’re thinking of marriage, dating, or whatever, it is my prayer that this book helps you in your relational journey.


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